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By a woman

By an artist
By a feminist


My work revolves around the biological and social independence of our bodies. How should we make use of our reproductive power? How can representations of the body be legitimate and non-limiting to our freedom?


I make garments and body accessories subverting their initial purpose to question functions of the body. Using various fibers such as textile, paper, hair and deadly or medicinal plant roots and seeds. I manipulate these materials through techniques like sewing, felting and beading.  I often work with the uniform as an ideologically loaded garment, simultaneously subverting the uniformity found in representations of the body.


I have examined questions of abortion and reproduction throughout history. Lately, the ethics and politics around humanoid robots grabbed my attention. Will the reproduction of human beings through robots leads us to more freedom and control over our bodies?

For my last project I built uterus robots. By giving autonomy to this internal organ I question the levels of self-determination we have on our bodies and reflect on the precariousness of artificial reproduction. My robots offered me a fantasy, the illusion of control and freedom.



Fanny Dubois